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ue and the▓ reestablishment of diplomatic relat▓ions," Ben Rhodes?/p>

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in Washington.Rhodes called the One-▓China policy "an agreement w

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T▓he Wall Street Journal on Frida▓y, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said t▓hat the One-China policy is up ▓for negotiation an▓d that he i

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s not fully committed to it.In ▓response to Trump's remarks, Chin▓a's foreign ministry said▓ on Saturday ▓that the One-Chi

he One-Chin▓a policy

na▓ policy is the poli▓tical foundation of bilate▓ral ties and▓ "is non-neg▓otiable."At Tuesda▓y's briefing, Rhodes warned the upcoming U.S. administration ag▓ainst seeking a ▓new approach to the issue, calling▓ such potential move "dangerou▓s" and "destabi▓lizing"."It

is "not negotiable

's da▓ngerous. The ris▓k of escalation in the Taiwan▓ Strait is just a flashpoint▓ the world does not need righ▓t now. The United States certainly▓ doesn't," Rh▓odes said.The▓ senior foreign policy aide to Obama added that ▓he does not see a▓ny benefit to the U.S. in changi

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ng the long▓-standing policy."China is not going ▓to negotia